Our fingers used to fit so perfect, but I have cuts on my hands; and I don’t want to remember you as you are now to me. |

Anonymous asked: Did you take any pictures of brand new???? If so pooosttt !!!

I honestly only took one video because I was so intoxicated and didn’t wanna take my phone out much. Plus I was crying and singing and enjoying myself sorry :( but yes I saw Brand New and Joyce Manor last night

I saw Brand New tonight for my second time and it was fucking awesome

Anonymous asked: so are you accepting sugar daddy applications or ...?

I have a man sorry

Anonymous asked: When are you going to get your tattoo on your shin?!!?! I bet it would look so fucking beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And you are the prettiest flower on tumblr Xo 🌸

I’m getting the sailor moon heart wand!!! And thanks xoxo

ladielofty asked: i wish i had your confidence!! you post such lovely photos <3 xx

aw thanks dear. Never be ashamed of your body! It’s one of a kind!!!